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More Services

Battery Services

The power that gets your car started is supplied by the battery and this essential bit of kit has to be a healthy, quality item to keep you motoring.

Norwood Green MOT & Service Centre provides quick and easy testing of your car battery and charging apparatus performance, quickly providing a rating to compare with manufacturer's spec. Our equipment will plainly reveal whether the battery is healthy, requires charging up or is on the brink of expiry (a large proportion of UK cards are running with under-performing batteries).

Should replacement be necessary, NG MOT also stock and fit a wide range of excellent car batteries.

Exhausts Services

An efficient and robust exhaust system is not only healthy for your car but also its occupants and the environment in general.

Most importantly, harmful gases must be safely directed away from the car's cabin.

At NG MOT we're adept at providing a safety check of your exhaust, through sight, sound and by its emissions. Expert staff will ensure each part of the exhaust system – including the catalytic converter - is functioning as intended, identifying any signs of corrosion or failure. Episodic checks are recommended and we'll provide nononsense advice and fitting you can rely on.

Brakes Services

Your car's brakes are a vital part of its safety, especially when needing an emergency stop. They are designed to be subject to strong forces and remain effective despite road conditions and weather.

Different types of driving style and typical journey will effect the lifespan of brakes. Problems with brakes can be manifest through the brake pedal, irregular noise or fumes from the brakes themselves and even the veering of your steering when the brakes are applied.

Naturally, your car's brakes are an important criterion in its MOT.Norwood Green MOT & Service Centre provides a comprehensive brake service, including examination and testing, advice, maintenance and replacement. We see to it that you take to the road confident that your essential braking system is performing well.

Clutch Services

We all learn something about the important role of the clutch in the controls of your car. It may surprise you to know that manual transmission cars can have more than one clutch in their engineering, and that automatics have a sophisticated clutch system also.

A clutch performing at less than its best can result in poorly engaging gears, juddering, mechanical crunching noise, increased engine revs when trying to accelerate but without the car speeding up as it should.

Problems with clutches are detrimental to other components in the gear and drive aspect of your car and also the quality of your driving experience. As keen motorists ourselves, NG MOT fully appreciate the need for hassle-free driving, and also the symptoms that suggest a failing clutch. Our experienced clutch service will provide the best for your car's transmission of power for an unfaltering drive.

Air Conditioning

Important all year round, an inefficient air con system is a drain on your car's fuel costs.

Fitted as standard to the majority of modern cars, upkeep of the air con system is often neglected, leading to inability for the system to adequately cool or warm the car's climate, inefficiency with clearing the windscreen and even unpleasant odours and bacteria.

Norwood Green MOT & Service Centre provides thorough air con servicing and recharging, ensuring good levels of coolant, free of odours and leaks, and advice about the best way to operate your air con to extend times between services.

Bodywork Services

NG MOT provides a professional bodywork repair service, from minor scratches, scuffs and wear and tear, to more substantial damage and misshaping across a wide range of car brands.

We pride ourselves in undertaking all such quality repairs with the minimum of disruption to your schedule and can help with insurance claim work.

A good repair service will work wonders in maintaining the value of your car as well as the pleasure you'll gain from bringing your car right back to looking great.

General Health Check

Even beyond the various elements of the MOT (steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust, lights, structure etc) your car can benefit greatly from a Norwood Green MOT and Service Centre general health check.

NG MOT staff are experienced with a huge variety of brands and marques. We understand all aspects of motoring and reading the signs from your car that suggest a problem may be arising, then pinpointing the best procedures for you to adopt.

A general health check can leave both you and your car feeling better and surer when your covering all the mileage you need.

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